Haskell Package Publishing



  • You’re an engineering manager who works with teams who use Haskell.
  • You’re either using nix or are looking to switch to nix.
  • You want the properties stable package sets provide.

Using Horizon to manage a Stable Package Set for a private organisation is very similar to using it as an open source maintainer would do, but all releases happen in private. This ensures your release workflow stays consistent no matter what you’re doing, and you gain the benefit of rich forensic information that is normal in the open source world. Of course, you won’t be pushing your releases to hackage - so you will want either an internal package index such as flora or foliage to go alongside it.

Horizon Stable Package Sets are completely self-hostable. We recommend that you started by forking horizon-platform to your internal repositories, and following the instructions in the README there to get started adding packages to your SPS.